[NEWS] ‘Hallyu-dol’ JYJ will be active in individual battle for 2012 ‘They are doing well’!

Hallyu-dol JYJ are going into individual battle for 2012 and reveal their own charms.
JYJ member Kim Jaejoong was casted in MBC new weekend drama ‘Dr.Jin’ which will be broadcasted on May 26. After taking the role of Cha Moowon in the drama ‘Protect the boss’ and causing a ‘Moo-neunim’ trend last year, he dives into another acting role again.
‘Dr.Jin’ is going to be Kim Jaejoong’s first time in historical drama. He will plays the role of Kim Kyungtak, a warrior who hides away all his sorrows behind his outstanding martial arts’ skills and strong competitive spirit.
Kim Jaejoong’s challenge in acting this time receives lots of attention from both domestic and overseas fans and the anticipation for his character is on a rise. In order to meet the expectations, Kim Jaejoong is immersed in learning action skills and riding horse as well.
The production staff of ‘Dr.Jin’ said ” Even though this is the first time Kim Jaejoong acts in historical drama, he is showing a stable acting” and “Kim Jaejoong is trying his best for the role of a strong and charming Kim Kyung Tak.”
Kim Jaejoong is not the only one who dives into acting. At the moment, Park Yoochun is acting as the Crown prince – Lee Gak in SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ together with Han Jimin who is in charge of ‘Park Ha’ role.
Park Yoochun’s acting as the crown prince Lee Gak who transported from the Joseon era to the present is currently a hit.
Park Yoochun has become a syndrome from ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ in 2010 and after ‘Miss Ripley’ last year, his acting was acknowledged. Beside his appearance in ‘Rooftop Prince’, he has been receiving endless ‘love calls’ from the advertising industry.
After concluding the musical ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu has annouced his first solo album ‘Xia’ on the 4th. The album will be filled mostly with Kim Junsu’s own songs. As soon as the pre-order period for the album starts, it has received great attention and made the distributing site’s server crash.
Many experts such as the famous American choreographer Jeri Slaughter have participated in this 12-song album. In particular, the album is full of songs in dance, R&B, ballad and other genres which Kim Junsu experienced for the first time.
In addition, during the upcoming 19th and 20th of this month, Kim Junsu will start his first concert in Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, then proceed with his Asia tour in 5 countries, such as Thailand, Taiwan etc
An official of JYJ said “At the moment, JYJ members are all busy with their individual activities. Originally, a ‘Worldwide’ album is supposed to be released in the second half of 2012 but due to their individual activities, it’s still not been confirmed yet. They are working hard so please keep an eye on their activities.”

Credit: Asiatoday
Translated by: sweetiexiah of JYJ3