[NEWS] Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany watches Yuri’s drama over Yoona’s?

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany confessed that she watched fellow member Yuri’s drama “Fashion King” over YoonA’s “Love Rain”.

On the recent recording of KBS’s “Happy Together 3” to be aired on May 10th, Tiffany revealed that she watches Yuri’s drama, “Fashion King.”

Before Tiffany answered, Jessica remarked, “YoonA and Yuri’s dramas air on the same time at the same days. I have to switch channels between them, and now I have no idea what either story is about.”

Tiffany confessed, “I watch Yuri's drama. Yuri doesn’t seem to be that busy so she is around at the dorms a lot. Whenever 10 PM comes on a Monday night, Yuri turns the TV on to her drama so I have to watch it with her.”

Currently, Yoona is playing the lead role for KBS 2TV’s “Love Rain”, while Yuri is starring in SBS’s “Fashion King.”

Source: Star News