[NEWS] Girl’s Day’s Hyeri apologizes for controversial T-shirt

Girl’s Day member Hyeri apologized for causing a bit controversy with her shirt.

On May 2nd, Dream Tea Entertainment stated, “All of us at the company, Hyeri herself, and the other members would like to convey our deepest apologizes. We will be more cautious in the future.”

The agency further explained, “The group’s fashion coordinator did not recommend any costume during rehearsal. She simply wore it to express her gratitude to her fans who bought it for her. ”

“Indeed, she read the caption ‘My shirt will HELP Japan’ on the shirt, but missed the Rising Sun Flag pattern in the heart shape. If she recognized it, she would’ve never worn it.”

The pattern on Hyeri’s shirt resembles the ‘Rising Sun’ Imperial Japanese war flag. The ‘Rising Sun’ flag is one that is considered extremely taboo in both China & Korea as it is the flag that symbolizes the painful memories of the past.

Source: TV Report