[NEWS] Girl’s Day holds successful Japan concert tour

Girl group Girl’s Day successfully held their first live concert tour in Japan.

According to DreamT Entertainment on May 7th, “Girl’s Day successfully wrapped their live concerts titled ‘Girl’s Day Party in Jeff’. Starting with their Osaka concert on May 2nd, the girls finished their 2nd concert in Tokyo on the 6th.”

At the May 6th concert, Girl’s Day performed open the event with their new song “Oh! My God” and continued with “Don’t Cheat On Me”, “Shuppy Shuppy” and “What About Me.”

The members also gave individual performances and greeted their fans at the concert. In addition, the girls revealed a video, showing behind the scene footage from their “Oh! My God” music video and displayed the progress of the girls, starting from their debut period up until now.

Girl’s Day said, “There are always fans who come to see us. We’re encouraged by your support and interest. The happiest moment for us was to meet our fans at the live concert stage. We’ll come visit Japan more often, so please anticipate and give us a lot of love.”

Source: Star News