[NEWS] Gangkiz's Somin, originally a T-ara member!

Gangkiz "HONEY HONEY" music video was revealed yesterday at 3:00 PM.

Among the Gangkiz members, they have a close relationship with T-ara members. Especially the member Somin. Somin was originally a member of T-ara, but left due to personal reasons. Three years after T-ara's debut in 2009, Gangkiz will debut.

Somin said, "Yang Jiwon from SPICA has been my hoobae since high school. We were friends and preparing to debut through the girl group that would become T-ara together. Due to some personal circumstances, I left the group and then I decided to leave the company (CCM). I joined a new company to debut in another group later, but suddenly I got a call to re-join the company again. Since 2010, I've been preparing as a Gangkiz member."

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem