[NEWS] F.CUZ, Full of Summer Atmosphere 'Blue Number One' Acknowledged?

F.CUZ made the audience shake their hips with a dance song that emanates a summer atmosphere.

F.CUZ rocked the stage on the May 25th episode of KBS2 'Music Bank,' MC'ed by UEE and Lee Jangwoo.

On this day, F.CUZ wore matching blue jackets that gave off the summer feel. Their firm 'horse' muscled bodies and synchronized choreography that matched angles made people guess that they had experience that is not rookie-like.

Their title song 'No. 1' was made from a joint project between Monday Kiz's leader Lee Jinsung and Melodin Junyoung, who has worked with Hwanhee, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, and other SM artists. It incorporates an electronic sound and the worldwide trend dubstep into K-POP with a pop melody.

Original: TV Daily
Translation: MaxRide @ Fcuzed