[NEWS] EXO-K's Manual Book!

Suho (Kim Jun Myeon) born in 1991 attends the Korean National University of Arts, Acting Major has dreamt of becoming a singer since primary school. He planned to become a singer as he entered university but he auditioned in SM during middle school and started his trainee period at the age os 16. He is the member from EX-K with the longest trainee period.

He said "I thought that the opportunity would come to me prepared and I tried my best to be prepared." and "The times I have been waiting for was not tiring". Suho tried to be positive and confident during his trainee period. "Effort does not ruin a person" and "I am the type of person who puts in effort for the smallest things".

Baekhyun (Byun Baek Hyun) born in 1992 had dreamt of becoming a singer during 6th grade whilst watching Rain (Jung Ji Hoon). He was in a band during high school (Joongwon High School) and won the grand prize in a rock festival, he was then casted by SM Entertainment on the streets whilst preparing for practical music.

His 'Method of singing' has a different style to other dance singers. He showed his hard times "I thought that I should start from the beginning with my voice" and "It was hard to change my voice. I learnt how to dance for the first time when I entered the agency". But Baekhyun is happy that he is able to stand on stage to sing and dance as well as communicating with his fans. "I can't tell if I am tired because I get goosebumps when people cheer".

Chanyeol who was in SNSD's Japanese MV for 'Genie / Tell me Your Wish' was born in 1992. Chanyeol likes music since primary school liked to play the drums ever since he watched . He used his drum skills and did part in a band during middle school. He was casted to SM Entertainment whilst attending Acting Classes at the age of 16.

The band he used to be in during High School has now separated. Chanyeol smiled and said "I had been waiting for ceremonies and competitions during my schooling years, but now I am happy that I get claps and attention when I stand on stage every day.". Chanyeol found it hard to learn dances since he was tall and not flexible "I dreamt of becoming an idol and I challenged myself to it as I got the opportunity". Chanyeol's strong supporter is his father.

D.O (Do Kyung Soo) is a boy who likes the overall of 'singing' was born in 1993. He was casted after winning a Kyunggi-do Teenager Competition, then had a trainee period of 2 years. D.O only sang ballads such as Na Yoon Kwon's 'Anticipation', 'Brown Eyed Soul's 'My Story' got to listen to a variety of songs and dances after he joined SM Entertainment.

D.O is also close to BTOB's Lim Hyun Shik who had debuted around the same time. The two meet each other at music programs after their debut. He said "Our dream 'Let's meet as me sing together' that was made during school become true." and "It feels weird to see Hyunshik at a music broadcast". Lastly D.O made his own statement "It feels great to stand on stage whilst receiving cheers fromt he audience and sing" and "I still lack a lot so I will work harder".

Kai who strongly believes that he has the power to teleport was born in January 1994. He learn ballet and Jazz dance from 2nd grade and was willing to major in ballet after watching but Shinhwa had him change his mind. He decided to become a singer after watching Shinwa dance and he auditioned during 6th grade and was accepted during middle school (8th grade).

Him, the one who said "I recommended Ballet and Jazz to the members since the two were the basics of dance." also said "I learnt popping and locking for the first time at SME but it felt awkward during the first 2 months." and "Luckily I got to find my balance as I practiced a certain amount". He had a trainee period of 5 years was asked to pick the members who were born to dance. Kai has picked Sehun, Baekhyun and D.O.

Sehun (Oh Sehun) was born in April 1994 is the maknae of EXO-K. He was casted on the streets during 6th grade and had auditioned 4 times. He then became a trainee in SM Entertainment during high school. Sehun hides a lot of shyness and gets embarrassed easily got into dance after hearing his trainers said 'You have skills. Work hard'.

Sehun said "I still find it fascinating to see myself on TV". We asked him what changed after he had his debut, he responded "I look at the mirror often". He looks in the mirror before going on stage and before seeing his fans "I wave to be careful of my actions".

Source: Oh My Star (1 + 2 )
Translated by: sunnybun @ CODE:EXO