[NEWS] Epik High’s Mithra Jin discharged from the army

Hip-hop group Epik High member Mithra Jin completed his mandatory military duties and will be returning to society.

On May 14th, Mithra Jin finished up his 21 months of active service at the Seoul Yongsan-gu Ministry of National Defense, Defense Agency for Public Information Services division. During his service, Mithra Jin participated in numerous events as an entertainer and a performer to boost the morale of soldiers.

Previously in March, Mithra Jin showed his close friendship with fellow Epik High member Tablo. He stayed with Tablo all throughout Tablo’s father’s funeral during his vacation.

Currently, both Epik High’s Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, who was discharged from the army back in August, do not have agency. Tablo signed a contract with YG Entertainment, but did not mention anything about disbanding Epik High. As of now, people are looking forward to the possibility of seeing the trio together as Epik High.

Source: Star News