[News] DongHo's Impressive Portrayal in Holyland

U-KISS's Dongho is currently starring in Channel A's (SuperAction) 4-part drama 'Holyland', directed by Park KiHyung, as a cowardly character.
Enews met up with Dongho earlier and he said, "After the first broadcast of 'Holyland', all my friends praised me for my portrayal of a loser. But I'm an idol group member...". He continued with a sorry heart, "After watching the drama, I really like how well the director put the scenes of the other actors together. It only made me feel bad for the other actors because of my lacking acting skills".

He also added, "The role I play in the first two episodes will be completely changed in the last two instalments of the drama. I'm extremely happy that my fellow colleagues have praised me about my acting saying that 'It came out well!' for that part as well". Holyland had its first broadcast on April 28, and garnered a viewer rating of 1.8%. It also topped the search ranks of various internet portal sites.

In addition, Dongho is currently in the midst of promotional activities with U-KISS's new mini-album 'DORADORA.

Credits: enews24 + ROCKETBOXX.NET