[NEWS] BTOB’s Peniel shows his closeness to former co-JYP trainee JJ Project’s JB!

Before debuting as a member of BTOB, Peniel was first a trainee from JYP. He auditioned in the US and passed it however he is required to pursue his training in Korea so Peniel went at Seoul 2 years from now. JJ Project’s JB and JR were also trainees back then, I’m not sure if they were with Minhyuk that time but i know Minhyuk was with JR way back then. JR and Peniel was also featured at San E’s “Delicious San E MV” together with Miss A’s Min.

JYP and Cube are somehow sister companies. In fact, B2ST’s Doojoon and Yoseob, 4Minute’s HyunA and Jihyun are all from JYP before enlisting at Cube Entertainment.

Showing their closeness, Peniel tweeted to his old friends JB and JR~ (JB was the only one to answer though)

Peniel’s tweet

@jbjyp @jrjyp 와!! 이제데뷔하네!!! 방송에서 언젠간볼수있으몆면좋겠냐다!! 노래 진짜좋은것같에! 너네랑 잘 어울려! ㅎㅎ JJ Project 대박나라! 파이팅!!^^~프니엘~
[Trans] Wa!! you’re debuting!!! sooner you’ll be seen doing live broadcast!! The song is really great! you guys looks good too! JJ Project is awesome! Fighting!! ^^-Peniel ~Peniel~

JB’s response
@OFFICIALBTOB 고마어!! 화이팅하자서로!! -프니엘-
[TRANS] Thanks!! Let us be fighting together!! -Peniel-

Peniel responded
@jbjyp 응응!! 첫방 잘해!! 티비로못보면나중에검색해서꼭볼게! ㅎㅎ 파이팅! ^^

[TRANS] Yeah Yeah!! good luck to your first room!! i didn’t see it live on TV but later on replay! Fighting^^

JB responded again~
@OFFICIALBTOB 응!! 화이팅 ㅋㅋ
[TRANS] Yeah!! Hwaiting keke

trans by: @FYBTOB