[NEWS] Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha is more fit than Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon?

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s low level of fitness has been revealed.

On the Children’s Day special of KBS ‘Invincible Youth 2’ aired on May 5th, the cast members along with guests Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon played numerous games.

During the episode, Narsha and Taeyeon went up against each other in an obstacle race with their knees tucked inside their sweaters. Though other members guessed that Taeyeon would beat Narsha, the Brown Eyed Girls member surprised everyone with her speed.

Proving that age is just a number, Narsha quickly made her way through obstacles, leaving Taeyeon far behind. On the other hand, Taeyeon made everyone laugh by tripping and falling every step of the way.

Watch the hilarious clip below!