[NEWS] Battle Between the Princes – Park Yoochun and Lee Seunggi

Recently the actors who were first singers are more active than ever before, and among them, Lee Seunggi and JYJ’s Park Yoochun accomplished notable success as actors. They proudly showcase their great acting abilities which parallel that of experienced actors, and made the audience forget that they were first singers.

‘Rooftop Prince’ of SBS and ‘The King2hearts’ of MBC, were aired on the same time and what’s more, they were both dramas containing princes. This competition between the two dramas finally ended on the 25th.

- “Rooftop Prince” Park Yoochun: From Seriousness to Laughter
Park Yoochun took on the challenge of acting two roles in this drama. In order to investigate the murder case of Joseon Crown Princess, Crown Prince Lee Gak, who traveled 300 years, took on the role of Home&Shopping heir Yong Taeyong.

In the beginning, the Crown Prince guards himself with seriousness and strictness. I think it may be Yoochun’s experience in “Sungkyunkuan Scandal” that allowed him to play that role easily. However, as soon as Lee Gak traveled to modern times, Yoochun started his acting that instigated so much laughter and created all the funny events.

As such, Park Yoochun’s Lee Gak was born. Though seriousness and laughter are completely opposite concepts and if leaning towards either of them it would shake Lee Gak’s role, Yoochun didn’t lose his center and showed all the faces of Lee Gak. Thus, through “Sungkyunkuan Scandal”, “Miss Ripley” and now “Rooftop Prince”, Park Yoochun has successfully put on the clothes of an actor.

- Winner is?

Between Park Yoochun and Lee Seunggi, they really played an even battle. Even the rating was fairly similar. However, there must be a winner, thus this round is won by Park Yoochun.
“Rooftop Prince” is a drama that holds characteristics of that of a period, mystery, and romance drama. Fitting Park Yoochun’s multi-faceted acting skills, he perfectly digested Lee Gak’s personality and role.

Translated By: g.fanns of JYJ3
Source: Nate
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