[NEWS] After School’s Jung Ah Becomes an Airport Fashionista

After School’s Lizzy updated her twitter profile with several shots of Jung Ah at Gimpo airport.

Along with the photos Lizzy added teasing written commentary including “…Paparazzi shots of a celebrity I saw at Gimpo airport.. Guess who it is?…JUNG-A KIM!!!“.

The members of After School’s were at Gimpo airport after arriving from Japan off the heels of their successful “PlayGirlz” tour. Jung Ah is seen in the pictures paying close attention to her phone while maintaining a low profile. She is dressed chic in all black and showed off her stylish and tailored fashion sense with a skirt that has a low cut in the front revealing her enviable long legs.

Netizens were wowed by Jung Ah’s airport fashion and left comments like “Jung Ah Unni you made it possible“, “so unique” and “Oh Unnie you are so beautiful!“.

A lot more of Jung Ah will be seen when After School makes their Korean comeback next month on June 21st.

Source: TV Daily
Trans: AfterSchoolDaze