[NEWS] After School to undergo another Graduation this year?

After School is said to make their Korean comeback this coming June, and it looks like it will be the last promotion for one certain member. after the Graduation of Bekah last year and Soyoung in 2009, looks like After School will undergo another Graduation this coming year.

On an article that was released earlier today Pledis Boss Han Sung Soo said "We're in the midst of discussing about the next member that will be graduated"

Pledis didn't name a specific member but it did say there will be someone graduating. Pledis Boss said "for Bekah’s case, the company gave her a few months of time to reconsider but she still decided to leave the group and graduate."

With Orange Caramel's debut in Japan, Nana Raina and Lizzy are for sure not going to graduate, KaEun which is a new member and is yet to have her official debut in june is also out of the graduating list. which left us with 5 members Kahi, JungAh, Juyeon, UEE and E-Young, though nothing is for certain who will graduate in the group.

After School is the first idol group to debut with a unique “Admissions” and “Graduation” concept in Korea where members are added or withdrawn in a “Natural” manner.

Source: Starnews Fyafterschool
Translated bits: @a94912, @AS_UieFacts
Article Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ASAP