[NEWS] 2PM to release limited edition album “2PM The Member’s Selection”

Following the release of their “2PM Best of 2008-2011 in Korea” album, idol group 2PM will be releasing a new best hits album “2PM The Member’s Selection”. This new limited edition album is set to hit the shelves on May 22nd.

“2PM Best of 2008-2011 in Korea” is a compilation of 2PM’s best hit songs since their debut in 2008. Unlike the Japanese version of “2PM Best of 2008-2011 in Korea” album which featured a tracklist made up of fan favorite Korean songs, this new album will consist of tracks that have been selected by 2PM themselves.

The album consists a total of 18 hit tracks including two special tracks; Junsu’s self-composed song “Alive” and Wooyoung and Junho’s “Move On.” “2PM Best of 2008-2011 in Korea” album is extremely limited edition with only 20,000 copies made. In addition to the CD, the album includes a lyrics booklet, photo postcards as well as a 72-page photobook.


10점만점에 10점 (10 out of 10)
Only you
Again& Again
니가밉다 (I Hate You)
돌아올지도 몰라 (You Might Come Back)
기다리다 지친다 (Tired of Waiting)
Gimme the Light
Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
Without U
I’ll be back
I Can’t
Hands Up
Give It to Me
Thank You
[Special Tracks]
Alive (Junsu)
Move On (Junho and Wooyoung)

Source: 2oneday