[NEWS] 120515 MTV Korea: JYJ’s Xia Junsu Debuts With “Tarantallegra” MV!

Fresh off of his first solo album JYJ’s Xia Junsu shows off a daring and darker side in “Tarantallegra.” Talk about one hell of a way to bust out on his own….
Debuting with a side of JYJ we haven’t seen before, this is a bold step for Junsu. We’re guessing his flair for the macabre came from his time as Death in Elisabeth. Junsu’s androgynous sexuality (that was him in the wig wasn’t it?) is both in-your-face and unapologetic. And while we’re not really sure where Junsu was going with all of this, we liked how he got there. This fiercely sexy video shows that C-Jes Entertainment has a few things to say about Junsu’s well known “angel” image. Where Jeri Slaughter’s choreography shows a bolder, sexier Junsu not seen since his “Intoxication” days (the Korean version of “Intoxication”on the album notwithstanding), Aziatix member Flowsik’s rap blends with his lyrical finesse. Lilting electronic vocals mixed with a dark cello, coupled with a mix of interracial back-up dancers, show’s C-Jes’ obvious nod toward international audiences. As if the word “Tarantallegra,” Harry Potter‘s i.e. dancing curse, wasn’t international enough.
We’re interested if South Korea is ready to handle Junsu’s ambitious debut. We’re also interested in what you think, so check out the video and leave your comments below.

Credit: MTV Korea