[INTERVIEW] 'The Star' Interview D.O - ‘My role model is composer Yoo Young-jin’!

In the midst of the boy group renaissance era, the new weapon EXO-K has appeared like a comet. SM Entertainment’s ambition, EXO, is using a breakthrough strategy to have both EXO-K, who promotes in Korea, and EXO-M, who promotes in China, perform their debut song ‘MAMA’ in their respective stages.

With a calm and quiet personality, D.O has appeared on earth with a powerful voice and stable singing skills. When you first listen to D.O’s voice, it seems similar to SM’s signature composer Yoo Young-jin, but he has a deeper and stronger charm that helps draw in fans. Picking Yoo Young-jin as his role model, he is a star that surpasses his mentor.

(T/N: The article referred to the Chinese characters 靑出於藍 – the younger generation that is better prepared)

Source: The Star
Translated by gpark @ CXO