[INTERVIEW] Kai: "Even if I am mistaken as a blunt person, I am warmhearted"

"Even if I am mistaken as a blunt person, I am warmhearted"

EXO-K’s Kai, whose real name is Kim Jongin, born on January 14 1994, blood type A, entered SM Entertainment in 2007. His speciality is dancing and he is known for knowing a wide range of genres such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping and locking.

Kai was the first EXO-K member to be shown to the public. Since he appears in most of the 23 teasers, he earned himself the nickname “Teaser King” online.

As the member in charge of dancing, he uses his body a lot so when he was asked about how he felt after getting hurt at the showcase last March, he replied in his unique brusque way : “I’m really good. I am really thankful and happy to see the fans care and ask if I’m hurt.”

“In EXO-K’s debut music video, ‘MAMA’, Kai had his face and neck covered with body paint, leaving a strong and unforgettable impression on whoever watched it for the first time”

Kai reacted, a little sulkily: “I thought face painting was cool but I’ve heard it really surprised people who watched the music video at night. I personally thought it was okay…” 

Dancing being his specialty, Kai’s role model is Michael Jackson. Kai exposed his ambition as a musician by saying: “Just with his hand movements or gazes, Michael Jackson managed to make a crowd go wild and move the audience. I want to be like this too”.

Being only 19, Kai is popular for having manly looks and a charisma totally different from his young age. With this atmosphere (T/N : As in with his manly looks and charisma), Kai doesn’t talk much and has quite a brusque personality, making him look hard to approach. However, because the misunderstanding weighed on his mind, he absolutely wanted to say something. 

“I am a blunt person by nature. Might it be during shows or during fansigns, I don’t really do fanservice. The fans ask me if I’m in a bad mood but in reality, I’m a really warmhearted person. I want to do fan service… so I’m putting in a lot of effort.”

source: newsen
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans