[INTERVIEW] EXO-K Interview with the Daily Focus!

The emergence of ‘EXO-K,’ a ‘planet to fear’ that will become a big star in the music industry

The first boy group from SM after ‘SHINee’
All the talented members entered ‘the path of a singer’ since elementary school

Just the fact that they are the first boy group introduced by the birthplace of idol groups, SM Entertainment, since ‘SHINee’ 4 years ago is enough to draw interest. Gathering massive interest, they could have immediately appeared, but they revealed themselves little by little for 100 days and announced the entrance of a great rookie. The wait of 100 days was not in vain.

As soon as they came out, the response of the fans was explosive. Certainly within the country, but the entire world was delighted with them. The group ‘EXO-K’ is prepared to write history in the music industry with their debut album ‘MAMA.’

“We needed the time to sufficiently introduce the unique charms and performances of all 12 members, including ‘EXO-M,’ who promotes in China. Because we went into a countdown of 100 days, with the thought that we will not disappoint, we were able to become rather tough.”

The name EXO-K comes from a planet outside of our solar system called EXOPLANET. Their twin group EXO-M is dedicated to performing the same music in Chinese versions with Chinese promotions. As a team engaged in unique group activities, each of the members has a special super power.

Kai has a badge hanging from his chest that is the source of his teleportation power, D.O has a ring giving him the strength of a wild beast, and Chanyeol wears a ring that carries the power of fire. Sehun’s power of wind comes from his belt, Suho has power over water, and Baekhyun has power over light.

“If you watch the music video for our title song, ‘MAMA,’ we show our powers really well. At a first glance, it might seem childish, but if you look, it is really cool.”

The title song, ‘MAMA’ shows the essence of SMP (SM Performance). It produces a harmony between the magnificent orchestra with a powerful performance.

“It is a story about the dryness of the 21st century society that does not communicate due to its being caged by digital machines like the cell phone and computer. We are asking the mother of people, the earth, a god named ‘MAMA,’ what to do with this world.”

Their seniors, including ‘TVXQ,’ ‘Superjunior,’ and ‘SHINee,’ who have led the K-POP craze, willingly gives generous advice to their first juniors in a long time.

“U-Know Yunho senior, even in the midst of an overseas tour, watched our first broadcast and called immediately. Through the speakerphone, he pointed out lacking parts of each and every person, one by one. ‘SHINee’ seniors, with their promotion period overlapping ours, told us helpful things.”

Every one of them, earlier than most others, took up the thought to walk the ‘path of a singer’ since the 6th grade of elementary school. Although his time since he entered SM was the shortest with 1 year, Baekhyun, through his activities in a school band, has developed his musical diversity, and leader Suho has refined his skills in SM for 7 years, the longest out of them. Sehun and Kai have been already picked by SM through street casting when they were in the 6th grade of elementary school and entered through their audition in their 2nd year of middle school.

“After the team EXO was made, we prepared for 1 year. As we debuted this year, my heart overflows even with just the fact that we can stand on the same stage as the seniors we respect. We want to work hard so that we can also hold the newcomer award in our hands.”

▶ I am this type of an idol

Suho: He is the team leader. He entered SM in 2006 and spent his trainee days. His specialties are acting and golf. He wants to try the role of a warm oppa (older brother) or a good-looking college student.

Baekhyun: He has a lot of interest in variety shows. He is bright and is the mood-maker wherever he goes. He has great hapkido (self-defense) skills to the point where he has taught students at the government services. He is a vocalist in the team.

Sehun: He gained interest in the field of singing when he was casted on the streets. As he received training, he naturally formed an interest in acting as well. He focused on training in dance and acting.

Kai: He did many diverse dances, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, popping, and locking. Originally, he wanted to become a dancer, but starting from the 6th grade of elementary school, he formed an interest in the field of singing and learned related dances. If the chance comes, he wants to do a musical with the 6 members.

D.O: He created the name D.O because his real last name is ‘Do.’ He did beat-boxing since elementary school as a hobby. In his second year of high school, he went on a singing competition and won a prize; while he was going home, he got cast.

Chanyeol: Along with playing a variety of instruments such as guitar, drum, bass, and djembe, he also raps and acts. Because he has liked listening to music since he was young, he started playing the drums since the 6th grade of elementary school. If the chance arrives, he would like to promote as a band for sub-unit promotions.

Translated by gpark @ CXO