[INTERVIEW] Big Bang's Interview with Mini Magazine (June 2012)!

Check out Big Bang's interview in Mini magazine June 2012 below.


Q: Contrary to popular opinion, I am?
Seungri: Not a playboy!!

Q: You mean people think you're a playboy?
Seungri: (Laughing once) It makes me sad, but lots of people say that. Because I'm the youngest, I have to be the mood-maker. We go somewhere where there's lots of people and I make everyone all excited and lively so I'm called a playboy. But that's not the case! Please write that!! (Laughs)

Q: If you could become any member for a day, who'd it be?
Seungri: TOP. He's got really charismatic eyes. My eyes... they're kinda bear-like, or have this dog-like feeling to them.

Q: But that's really cute!
Seungri: Yeah it's cute, but I want to be cool!!

Q: Apart from looks in a girl, what feature do you like best - smell or voice?
Seungri: A good voice. When you're on the phone you start to like someone just from their voice. If they say something like "good luck today!!", I'm happy (Laughs). I say "Thank you! I'll do my best!!"

Q: Do you confess first? Or are you the kind that waits?"
Seungri: I say things straight. I say things immediately. "I like you. What do you say? What shall we do?" I'm not saying "go out with me", I'm saying "I really like you". After that... please like me!!"

Q: (Laughing) So manly! As we'd expect from you!
Seungri: If the guy confesses, the girl thinks "this boy likes me", then she thinks about him and begins to like him.

Q: So then... how do you relax in your room?
Seungri: I light scented candles. Listen to good music. I love music but I don't go to clubs often, so in my house I have a light which is like one from a club. It's so bright."

Q: Wow!! And what do you do in your huge room?
Seungri: (A self-satisfied look) I dance on my own.

Q: Please say something to MINI readers.
Seungri: We're doing a tour from May, and we're going to do our best in Japan this year. All the members want to show their individual characters to you.


Q: Your blue hair has a huge impact, but is it hard to manage?
TOP: I don't really do much but styling it is difficult.

Q: How do you relax at home?
TOP: I like spending time on my own, so I watch movies, do some self-reflection. My job is one which requires me to be in front of people, so I do mind-control on myself and prepare myself mentally.

Q: What's your room like?
TOP: It changes a lot, but right now I'm in the process of changing it into a classical European style.

Q: Contrary to popular opinion, I'm... ?
TOP: A 14 year old boy. Although 10 years have passed since then, I don't feel that my thinking has really changed.

Q: What kind of fashion do you like in a girl?
TOP: I like people who dress casually.

Q: What do you think about the fashion of the girls in MINI?
TOP: It's cute. Of course (Laughs)

Q: What have you bought recently in Japan?
TOP: I bought clothes and shoes for my mum. When I saw them I thought they'd really suit her. I don't know how happy she'll be though... 

Q: You're so lovely! As a woman I'd want you as my son!
TOP: Really? I'd be a good son? (Laughs)

Q: Apart from looks in a girl, what do you like the most - smell or voice?
TOP: There are guys who go around smelling girls?! For me it's not about smell or voice or looks, the most important thing is if our personalities fit. Of course, if they smelled good or had a lovely voice, it'd be great (Laughs)

Q: I'm sorry What is the one thing where you think 'I can't lose to anyone!'?
TOP: My stage persona. Also at photo shoots I have confidence in expressing myself in front of the camera.

Q: So manly! Women all over the world will be madly in love with you!
TOP: (Blushing) No no, it's not like that

Q: Who'd make the best father out of the members?
TOP: Everyone. I think I'd make a good father and husband too.


Q: Contrary to popular opinion, I...?
Daesung: Have really big eyes. It's just that I'm always smiling so my eyes seem small. My eyes become largest when I'm sleeping.

Q: What?! What do you mean??
Daesung: I open my eyes really wide when I'm sleeping (Laughs). It's a secret I'm telling to MINI readers!

Q: I get it (Laughs). Aside from looks, which do you like most in a girl - smell or voice?
Daesung: Well I like both. But I think I like their voice the most. I'm attracted to girls who can sing well.

Q: If you could become another member for the day, who'd it be?
Daesung: It'd be great to be Seungri. Seungri lives every day like he's having loads of fun, and I think it would be wonderful to act without any worries.

Q: What do you do when you worry?
Daesung: I'm the kind of person who can't really talk to other people - I'm the type to just take things on myself.

Q: Out of the members, who will make the best dad?
Daesung: Taeyang. He's always reliable. And he gives amazing advice.

Q: What have you bought recently?
Daesung: I bought a Rick Owens leather jacket. It's got black lines on a white background, and it looks really cool. And I bought a tempurpedic mattress - I heard they're good for your back and it feels fantastic.

Q: Is there any fashion you like in girls?
Daesung: I don't really like fashion where the person is all 'I'm super-fashionable!!!' Girls who wear vintage clothes, or who looks comfortable in loungewear/training wear are the best.

Q: Do you confess first? Or are you the type to wait?
Daesung: There've been times when I've thought 'ah, I really like them' and have strong feelings for them but I can't say anything. I worry over it and then just give up. I have no confidence to act. It's embarassing... 

Q: Please say something to MINI readers.
Daesung: I love all you girls who have casual fashion like in MINI! If we're the same age, maybe we can become friends Be sure to come see our tour in May!!


Q: What have you bought recently?
Taeyang: I'm liking scarves at the moment, and a while ago I bought a scarf with the classic Versace pattern

Q: What's your room like?
Taeyang: All the members are living together at the moment so I can't really devote myself to it, but I've collected 'ONE PIECE' figurines so I'm planning on making a shelf for them.

Q: Contrary to popular opinion, I... ?
Taeyang: "Don't know where I'm flying to." I'm that kind of person. Because I really want to be independent, I hate being restricted by things, and if I'm restrained by something, I just want to run away.

Q: For example, if you were being restrained/restricted by your lover?
Taeyang: If it was a girl I like, it'd be ok (Laughs). But... I haven't really met a girl like that so I don't know.

Q: Are you the type to confess first? Or do you wait?
Taeyang: As I'm the guy, I want to confess first, but I haven't really done it before. Until now I've only confessed once.

Q: And how did it go?
Taeyang: If it had gone well, do you really think I'd be single now?!

Q: I'm sorry! (Laughs). Has a girl ever confessed to you?
Taeyang: I don't think I'd really like that (laughs). Even if I know that I have feelings for someone, I just want to remain *knowing* that I have feelings. Girls will probably feel irritated by that, but I'm happy if they can wait for me to confess first.

Q: Ah, I see. So, apart from looks, which do you like better in a girl - smell or voice?
Taeyang: That's difficult! I like when they smell nice, but of course I love someone with a pretty voice. Since I'm a musician and my ears are really attuned to sound, so I'm sensitive to voices.

Q: Who will make the best father out of the memebers?
Taeyang: G-Dragon, perhaps. He's sensitive and very steady. And he's fashionable, so I think he'll dress his little boy or girl in really awesome clothes.

Q: What is the one thing where you think 'I cannot lose to anyone!'?
Taeyang: I'm really good at looking for delicious things. Just by he colour, the shape, the smell - I know what it tastes like!

Q: Please say something to MINI readers.
Taeyang: Everyone is 'the future'. Listen to our music, hold on to your hopes, and keep going forward without losing your positive thoughts and feelings.


Q: How do you relax at home? 
G-Dragon: By sleeping. Just sleeping without thinking of anything.

Q: What's your room like? 
G-Dragon: I want it to be a peaceful place, so it's got a dark, calm feeling. Also, because I produce at home, it feels a bit like a studio too.

Q: That's really unusual!!
G-Dragon: It seems perfect to the people around me, but there are still a lot of things than need work.

Q: What's the one area where you feel like 'I can't lose to anyone!'?
G-Dragon: fashion-sense, I guess

Q: That answer of a true fashionista! What have you bought recently? 
G-Dragon: A leather Chrome Hearts jacket

Q: Is there a particular fashion you like in girls? 
G-Dragon: Girls are prettiest when they're natural.

Q: (laughing) Apart from looks, which is more appealing to you in a girl - a good voice or smell? 
G-Dragon: Well, not 'smell', more like 'scent'. Scents remain in your memory for a long time.

Q: You're romantic Are you someone who confesses first? Or do you wait?
G-Dragon: Hmm, well it depends on the situation.

Q: If you could become another member for a day, who would it be? 
G-Dragon: I want to try being each member once.

Q: Who cries the most easily among the members? 
G-Dragon: That would be me

Q: The most manly? 
G-Dragon: Taeyang.

Q: Who would make the best dad? 
G-Dragon: Me!

Q: Oh wow, you've got a lot of self-confidence! 
G-Dragon: Lots of people tell me that I'll make a great dad.

Q: Please say something to MINI readers 
G-Dragon: Hi!!!!! Bye bye!!!

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