[INTERVIEW] 10 Asia Interview - Suho, Kai, D.O, Sehun!

All six members of EXO-K have siblings and all of them are the youngest in the family. 
Suho has a brother 4 yrs older.
D.O. has a brother who is 3 years older.
Baekhyun has a brother who is 7 years older.
Chanyeol has a sister 3 years older.
Kai has 2 sisters, one who is older than him by 9 years and the other by 5 years. 
Sehun has a brother 3 years older. 

"When I was a student I studied so hard. I was a class leader at elementary school dan became a representative at junior high school. When I joined to SM, I become the leader again, does it because I have a face like student?"

"The most good looking member is our maknae. He is such a cute little brother and we've been training together for 4 years."
"There was this moment when I looked closely and realised how handsome he was, I got a shock."
"The first time I came to the company Suho came to see me, and he left a really deep impression because he was really good looking too."
"We would show everyone a better image in the next album.."
"Sometimes there would be fans who are older than me ask if they can call me oppa, around an age gap of 5 years old, and I would agree."
"I have a pretty wide age gap with my sister and in the company we address by noona, oppa too, so I don't feel that an age gap makes a difference."
"During training Baekhyun did perform for us to see and he was really good. He seemed like someone who would gain a lot of popularity. If the mood maker doesn't create good atmosphers, what is he supposed to do?"

"Kai praised me, thank you. Kai is really manly and when he answers honestly he is really dashing. Also D.O. has the sincere man look."
"He (D.O) looks really kind and has perfect features. The mischievous ones, Chanyeol and Baekhyun have the same charms."
"Baekyhun has the best after got makeup."

"In my primary school graduation book I wrote a game as my talent. Thinking back, I don't even know what it means, maybe it was a lingo that everyone spoke then."
"I never want to watch that interview where I stumbled. /During rehearsals he said it well but when it went live he messed up./"

credits & trans: @myonlyexoplanet + @exonesia