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The Perfection that Makes One Gasp……
Love ♥ Siwon

The Super Junior member that is active not just in Korea, but also through activities in Asia. With twitter follows exceeding 1.5 million, NO.1 popularity in Korea, Choi Siwon who is also active as an actor makes his first appearance on JJ Magazine! Together, let’s reveal his secrets that are full of charms.

Q: Between Siwon and the character you are acting as in this drama, Jin Shan Yu, what are some of the similarities and differences?
A: Shan Yu is really an enthusiastic person. Never shifting his attention, he always looks directly ahead. In this aspect, we are very similar. However, sometimes because Shan Yu is overly enthusiastic, he inevitably does something reckless. As for me, whatever it is, I always think before I act. Nevertheless, I am more calm (laughs).

Q: Shan Yu bears the danger of having to lose someone important, and persists in investigating the events. If it was Siwon, what would you do?
A: I would be like Shan Yu in the drama. Even though there is danger, if the root of all evil is not destroyed, the tragedies will only repeat themselves….. Persist and move on!

Q: There are many parts in an action movie, are there any that you remember the most?
A: Because there were many large scale scenes, getting small injuries is common. However, because the schedule doesn’t allow it, even if we are hurt, we cannot rest. It’s not just me, the staff and everyone else on site also persist in filming even if they are hurt. Thanks to these efforts, the scenes of the drama become more interesting, when everyone watches it, they will definitely like it!

Q: Between Super Junior’s activities, and activities as an actor, what is the difference between the two?
A: With the members, whatever it is, we will help each other, becoming each other’s backing. By myself, I would be hit with a sense of mission, pressure, and responsibility. Regardless of whether there are mistakes or trouble, you have to take care of it yourself. Hence, I was able to feel the importance of the members even more.

Q: Right now, are there any kinds of works you wish to challenge?
A: Regardless of whether it is Athena or Poisedon, both have topics that are slightly serious, hence in future I would like to challenge a more humorous script. A happy (drama), that can make the mood of everyone watching it become better, is (the kind of) drama that I would like to try the most!

Wanting to Know Choi Siwon’s Secrets!
Conducting 10 Questions & Answers

Q1. What are your charming points?
A – There would be many of them~ (laughs)
Joking! What I prefer about myself is (my) honesty, just this specific aspect. However, I cannot say for sure, not being able to tell white lies might be a shortcoming.

Q2. Please say your motto!
A- If I had to say (something), it could be to keep on fighting despite any setbacks?! Regardless of when I fall, starting again has always been my state of mind.

Q3. How do you feel about today’s photoshoot attire?
A- (It’s) very fitting, from Dior’s menswear display line. In the beginning, I thought it would not fit an athletic body like mine. In the end, when I put it on and took a look, it actually looked very fitting, even I was surprised. A simple style is really cool.

Q4. Please talk about the fashion style that Siwon likes
A – I prefer a comfortable way of dressing (laughs). (Having to) wear clothes that does not suit myself, regardless of whether it is me or the people around me, everyone would not feel comfortable. However, when wearing comfortable clothes to meet others, people dislike and avoid it. Did you wear your pajamas here? Sometimes people will ask me that (laughs).

Q5 Do you like to drink (alcohol)?
A- As compared to drinking (alcohol), I prefer the atmosphere during a gathering. Drinking together with friends that have similar interests is interesting!

Q6. Please talk about the ideal type of girl that you like
A – In short, talking is important. She might not be my type, but through talking, getting to know each other, understanding each other, and then liking each other is the best. Up to now, I still do not have an experience like this (laughs). Age or appearance, these are not important. Right now, I want to learn Japanese quickly, to be able to converse with Japanese girls!

Q7. What do you think are the charming points of girls?
A – Eyes. Personally, I have always maintained sincerity; I will look into the person’s eyes and talk to them. Because (they’re) still young, one look at the eyes and you can tell if they are lying or if they are truthful!

Q8. People whom you think have charm?
A – I like people I can talk with and take photos with. This doesn’t just apply to girls, age and gender does not matter, being able to converse is the most important. Even by talking to children, you can learn new things. I really like talking with others.

Q9. What do you think about the fashion and makeup of Japanese girls?
A - Japanese girls are really very fashionable. Japan has a unique fashion style, (which is) very cute. The type of cute style, like (those in) JJ magazine, is not bad!

Q10. Leave a message for JJ magazine readers
A – (I am) really glad to be able to meet JJ magazine readers through this way. Even if there is something upsetting, there will always be a new day. There is a saying like this right? Please enjoy 2012. I want to have a date a date with JJ magazine readers (laughs)!

Source: JJ Magazine, June 2012 Issue
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