[INFO] Marie Claire June Issue with INFINITE!

Male group INFINITE is featured in June 2012 issue of Marie Claire magazine. The boys look cool and handsome with their casual attires. Messages of the members have been translated and can be read below.

Sunggyu: Birthday – April 28th / “This is Infinite’s Sunggyu. My birthday is on April 28th. To allow children living on the opposite side of the Earth to run around and play to their heart’s desire, I want to gift them a soccer ball. Let’s all do this together!”

Dongwoo: Birthday – November 22nd / “This is Infinite’s Dongwoo. There is something call malnutrition treatment. It’s a present that helps young children who live in poor environments create strong bodies. I would also like to be of some help.”

Woohyun: Birthday – February 8th / “This is Infinite’s Woohyun. I would like to receive a bicycle. When we were younger, we all really wanted to have a bicycle too. I want to make going to school a bit more comfortable for children who live in areas where traffic is uncomfortable. We need a lot of help from everyone.”

Hoya: Birthday – March 28th / “This is Infinite’s Hoya. My birthday is on March 28th, but sadly, my birthday has passed by not too long ago. On my birthday next year, I would like to receive a mosquito net and protect children on the opposite side of the world from malaria-infested mosquitoes.”

Sungyeol: Birthday – August 27th / “This is Infinite’s Sungyeol. I was able to participate in Unicef’s birthday donation campaign this time. I would like to receive a manual pump and help children be able to drink clean water.”

L: Birthday – March 13th / “This is Infinite’s L. For my birthday present next year, how about a vaccination to prevent polio? I would like to gift health to weak children.”

Sungjong: Birthday – September 3rd / “This is Infinite’s Sungjong. I’m happy because I was able to participate in Unicef’s birthday donation campaign. Please gift a four-wheel drive car to kids on the opposite side of the Earth!”

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
source cr; manzizak12 @ tumblr