[INFO] Hyunsik promises to show more of his skills!

BTOB's Hyunsik posted his very first message on their daum cafe and promised to show more of his skills.

Read his message below.
It’s really been a while right!
Sorry! I came into the cafe to read a lot of the posts, but I never actually wrote it!^^
And with today, we concluded our activities with ‘Father’!
Saying that we are done with activities feel weird!
Anyways it just means that we concluded our music program schedules with ‘Father’!!!
Now all that is left is preparing for the next thing coming up by working hard! Since I am still very lacking ㅠㅠ
I will work really really hard, get better skills, and show you guys a better side of me on the stage!
Anticipate for it!!!!
You know what happens if you cheat on us ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ kekeke
Thank you so much and I love you guys!
Thank u so much and love u guys
Thank you so much!I love you guys!

Now I must go back to practicing~~•_•\

Translation: yongism @ btobeatmedia