EXO-K│The skilled aliens invade the world

There is no gap even though you look out for one. Starting with the "Sharp eyebrows and wide-eyed double eyelids" leader Suho, Kai who has "A different kind of manliness compared to others" (Sehun), and maknae Sehun who makes you think of a 'Marine Boy', EXO-K are full of members who are in charge of visuals. Their visuals make their concept of coming from EXOPLANET unrealistic and they have been releasing teaser videos 100 days before their debut which also showed their confidence in the teasers which have been released. There is a saying that a bear would become a person by eating plants and onions during 100 days, but these six boys appeared in front of everyone after getting their powers.

The title song 'MAMA' is completed by putting together the six powers of earth, fire, wind, water, lights and teleporting and making it from 'There is no living, emotions, warmth, but trash talking being tossed around'. 'MAMA' is a song that starts with majestic orchestra sounds and the members serious faces in the intro, from the start to the end with an unambiguous concept unlike the other love confession songs or songs that make you think of 'beast idols'. To this issue there were reactions such as "There was big egoism towards the concept"(Baekhyun) or "It was good because it was unique"(Chanyeol), are they speaking the truth? When Kai took out the words "I think that I had the power to do teleporting. But the earth's power is weak so it will be difficult", Baekhyun, Suho and Chanyeol who were sitting next to him said in unity "Teleporting is the most 'Kanji' type of power", Baekhyun said that he'd go to the bank if he had the power to do so. EXO-K's eyes were too glistening for impractical imagination.

The 6 mild-mannered boys who have no angled corners

The members of EXO-K who are a little eccentric but not malicious are close to mild-manners people rather than mischievous ones. The maknae Sehun confuses his hyungs with his "Informal self-talking"(Kai) is "Part of his aegyo"(Sehun), The members become like their saying 'We are one' on stage even though the leaser Suho tends to complain a lot but buy a lot delicious food. Kai who is also in the 'maknae line' due the same birth year as Sehun carried out the interview very well despite the leader Suho's cold. So the most maknae-like member with a young heart becomes D.O. When D.O got to introduce their title song, he said 'Superior orchestra' instead of 'majestic orchestra', he explained himself by saying "I couldn't only think of that word when there is the character 'ㅇ'", the other members said "I didn't know that he got it wrong"(Baekhyun), "Anyone can make mistakes"(Kai), "It's cute if a rookie does that"(Sehun) and cheered him up. EXO-K's mood lifters Baekhyun and Chanyeol cannot hide their mischievous side but , they'd agree to their mischievous side "I danced well but it seems funny to others"(Baekhyun). When they were asked 'Is there anyone who gets worried that they'll fall behind the other members in dance practicing?' Chanyeol raised his hand quietly and stated "I need dancing shoes".

People would get envious of their visuals and great talking skills. Totally incompatible, so their powers look even greater than their teleport to stage or the light coming out of their hands. We can definitely think that EXO-K came from outer space as existing species. EXO-K came from the stars less than a month ago, made promises "In our next album, I want to try a variety of genres regardless of what it becomes"(D.O), "It would be good to blast some fire on stage"(Chanyeol), they showed a lot of energy. So, it's better to be nervous rather than anticipating for EXO-K, till the time when EXO-K will "Really shout out for MAMA" if they win the rookie award.

My name is Kai. My full name is Kim Jong In.
I was born on the 14th of January 1994. I have two noonas who have an age difference of 5 years and 8 years to me
At home I am very chic and don't talk a lot. So when the noonas saw my broadcast for the first time they said "It's my first time seeing a happy side of you", "Why didn't you show this side to me?". I felt... sorry. I miss my mom, dad and noonas!
One noona of the two is a big fan fo Shinhwa and has a nude magazine of the Shinhwa seniors. Since she is very interested in singers, she had encouraged me to become a singer.
Out of the EXO-K members, I am the one with a copper skin tone. And... I have thick lips and deep double eyelids. Haha
When I was young, my parents sent me to taekwondo or piano lessons. I couldn't restrain one day so I had made a fuss. But as I started to learn Jass dance, I used to asked my father to take me to class even though it'd rain or snow. I started ballet during fourth grade after watching <The Nutcracker> and I fell for it.
Before debut, I was in many teaser videos but, there weren't many people who recognized me. Once when I went to eat met with the members, a person said "Huh? Are you Kai?". Other than that, I do not remember.
Sehun is the most good looking member. When he was young, he used to be just a cute dongsaeng, but as we spent our practice times together, and when I looked at him closely I was so surprised because he was so good looking. I remember that I got a shock the first time I saw Suho hyung entering the agency. I said "Wow, there are people who are that good looking.".
Sometimes, a few fans 나who are older than me ask if they can call me oppa. They looked around... 5 years older than me. So I told them to do so. The age gap between my noonas are big, but I do not find age that important because in the agency we call each other noona, hyung a lot.

My name is Sehun. My full name is Oh Se Hun.
I was born on the 12th of April 1994. I have a hyung who is 3 years older than me.
A characteristic that differentiates me to the other members is... I have pale skin. Ah, that is Junmyun hyung, no Suho hyung mentioned this. (Baekhyun: He has broad shoulders and has a long back) Exactly. (Chanyeol: V-Line) Eum... help me please. Ah! I have long eyelashes, and so are the top ones. (Suho: You're good looking. Haha. / Baekhyun: He looks fresh like a marine boy and suits well in white and blue.
The member with the best make-up effect is Baekhyun hyung. Hyung becomes someone different when he has eyeliner on. Not that he also changes in thought. Haha.
Not that Kai hyung has complimented me, hyung is good looking in the manly aspect. And D.O has an image of a warm-hearted man. He is very caring and good looking. Chanyeol hyung shines a lot and Baekhyun hyung has the charm of a mischievous person. (Chanyeol: I want to squish Baekhyun). Lastly, Junmyun hyung has the appearance of a statue (good looking).
I am very shy.But I can get friendly right away. When I get close with someone I become more talkative and play around more. I become completely different. Hehehe. I am more like this when I am around boys. (Kai: It's hard to approach him at first but he's very cute) I think the maknae position suits me a lot. (D.O: From the outside he doesn't look like the maknae but it really suits him)
I am usually not like this but, there were a few people who looked ta me when I'd go on an outing with the traineed or go shopping. On Sundays which there are no training lessons, I put make up on and go out. Hahaha.
I do not gain weight easily. Everyone starts to go on diets to lose weight. but Kai hyung and I have never done that. (Chanyeol: I do not gain a lot of weight either. / D.O: I think everyone is eating except for me) D.O hyung looks after himself a lot.
Kai hyung says that I look scary when I talk to myself informally. (D.O: Isn't that another type of aegyo?), they tell me that they think that I speak informally due to intention, but I am playing around. Euhaha (Kai: He'd put his arms around the hyungs and say "Is it delicious?" / Chanyeol: Plus he does aegyo and 'bbuing bbuing' often.)

Source: 10Asia
Translations: sunnybun @ CODE:EXO