[INFO] BTS of Baek Ji Young’s ‘Good Boy’ MV!

Baek Ji Young’s Introduction of ‘Good Boy’

For the MV this time round, it was a meaningful music video because BEAST Jun Hyung who participated in the featuring of the song was able to make an appearance as well. Even though the filming lasted overnight, everyone was working so hard, and without anyone of us knowing, time flew by as we filmed.

This is the filming cut of Yong Jun Hyung, with me, that everyone has been waiting for. He is really a friend who works hard at anything. He made only a few NGs and when I watched his engrossed image while filming seriously, I was very surprised. While working on the album this time, I met him for the first time at the MV filming site. While filming for the MV, I was able to feel that he is a very professional friend who has professional mentality. He came really prepared with movements, expressions, gestures, etc.^^ It was an enjoyable filming.

credit : Naver Music ; eng trans by DUYONG2ST@B2STSG