[INFO] 2PM Member’s Selection Commentary!

TRACK 1: 10 points out of 10
Junsu At first I was really very glad to receive such a sensible song from Jinyoung-hyung. But my parts were only ad-libs at verse 2 and 3, and this song actually almost caused my personal slump with all the microphones that didn’t work well during the TV performances.

TRACK 2 : Only You
Junsu It’s the first song we received from Jinyoung hyung before our debut. I learned more about singing while re-recording the song with Jinyoung hyung for hundreds of times. Historically, it is the song that took 2PM the longest time to record. It’s a song that I would call the teacher of recording sensibility.

TRACK 3 : Again and Again
Wooyoung It’s a song that we have first recorded at the JYPEnt USA branch in New York. We prepared hard for this song, practising and being taught at the dorm for a week. Everything felt new and fresh being in New York, but I was also very proud and felt great to know that our company had a building in Manhattan. And the most important thing! Our first No. 1 song on National TV^^

TRACK 4 : I Hate You
Taecyeon When I first heard “I hate you” I got this feeling of excitement starting from the fast beat part at the chorus. It was really hard to record, because the rap making was different from the established JYP rap style, but I think it’s the song that contributed the most to the current “Beastly” image!

TRACK 5 : She Might Come Back
Chansung It’s a very placid song that is fit for easy listening and allows you to feel Jongsu hyung’s [the composer] sensibility. If you listen to this song, it sort of calms you down and softens your mood..!! heh heh

TRACK 6 : Heartbeat
Taecyeon Ah! I was shocked when I heard Heartbeat for the first time… I was totally against it, thinking it might not work out because of the unique rap style, but as the choreography and full arrangement was done, my opinion changed. I think that today’s 2PM would not be where we are now if it weren’t for Heartbeat.

TRACK 7 : Tired of Waiting
Chansung The vocals at the beginning that give away an intense image together with the percussion intro! I think it’s an exciting and admirable music by Changttai hyung with the right impact! Even though my part at the 2nd verse is really hard, because it’s high-pitched… ㅠㅠ

TRACK 8: Gimme the Light
Wooyoung It’s a song written to us by Busan-native Jo Jongsu-haengnim. I guess I could say it’s a song that has become our light. I suppose the lyrics approached us like that. I think at that time we were in need of the light.

TRACK 9: Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
Taecyeon It was the first composition sent by Jinyoung hyung for the title song after the end of Heartbeat’s zenith, and I felt that the lyrics and the melody really contained all the 2PM feelings at the time. Erupting with all that pain and hurt it was a bit too strong to become a title song, but personally it is my favourite 2PM song.

TRACK 10 : Without U
Junho I think it’s a song that via its lyrics and choreography represented the hardships 2PM went through. It’s a song that showcases a very neat style and members’ sexual appeal.

TRACK 11: I’ll be back
Junho I think it’s a piece of creation that was ahead of its time considering every single part of it – vocals, choreography, outfit, hair & make-up. Eye make-up with golden and silver foil, boots embedded with studs, the first national shuffle dance – it’s a song that set a trend.

TRACK 12: I Can’t
Nichkhun I was really very excited when we first received this song. I really liked it, since I originally am a Ra.D hyung’s fan, and I thought that the song was EXACTLY my style. It’s a song that calms me down and gives me warmth every single time we perform it on stage.

TRACK 13 : Hands Up
Chansung I really liked it, because it was a strong resonating song that we could enjoy with everyone. Also it’s a song I’m especially attached to, because it was the first time I sang the main chorus part…!!

TRACK 14: Give It to Me
Nichkhun It’s a song I like personally very much. I got a very good feeling when I first listened to it. And I also had a hunch that the fans would love it too. I thought that our Junho was great, I was so proud of him. Lee PD, fighting!=)

TRACK 15: Hot
Wooyoung It’s a great song written by our eldest Junsu hyung for 2PM. I was really shocked to see him composing overnight. Junsu hyung’s passion is really hot. As a younger [brother] I felt that I really had a lot to learn from him. Junsu hyung the best!!

TRACK 16 : Thank You
Nichkhun I always feel very touched when I have to speak out the words at the beginning of the song: “This is for my Hottest”. There have always been so many things I wanted to tell our Hottest, and I’m really glad we were able to do it all through this song. Hottest, thank you for loving us!! Always ♥

Junho It’s a song that Junsu hyung ambitiously prepared for his own solo stage. I think it’s a song that has showcased his boundless potential. It was new and fresh, considering that it was in a genre 2PM has never tried before.

Junsu It’s Junho’s self-composed song for the concert, a duet with Wooyoung. I think that the full feeling of this song can be reach while listening to it and watching both of them dance. I remember, that when the song still didn’t have a title the members would call it “Fire baby”, because it was the part of the lyrics that stood out the most.

Translated by Egle @2pmalways