[INFO] 2012 MBLAQ ‘THE BLAQ% TOUR’ in SEOUL Deposit for Fan club seat Reservation

Hello, this is J.Tune Camp.
This is the notice for 2012 MBLAQ Asia Tour ‘THE BLAQ% TOUR IN SEOUL’ fan club seats deposit The 2nd recruitment A+ who have applied for the seats should read the following information thoroughly (The list of fan club seat is posted on the notice below)
[Deposit Information] -Period: May 25 (Fri) ~ June 1 (Fri) -Deposit Account: For concert on 21st: 국민은행 273801-04-169209 김예지 For concert on 22nd: 국민은행 273802-04-141459 김예지
★After the deposit you MUST send the confirmation e-mail with the format below.
Announcement of list after deposit: June 4th (Mon)
[E-mail Format] -Mail Address :
jtunemblaq@hanmail.net -Mail Title : date of the concert/Area/Applicant/number of people who made the deposit (Ex. 21일/A구역/양승호/4명) -Mail Content : 1. Name of Applicant : 2. Name the deposit was made in : 3. Deposit Amount : 4. Name of the Bank : 5. Applicant : Accompany 1 : Accompany 2 : Accompany 3 :
[Caution] -Make sure you are depositing the money to the right account according to the concert date -If the deposit have not been made within the given period, your will lose your place on the list -After the deposit period is over, your final seat number will be posted so please refrain yourself from calling us for the confirmation of the deposit. -Refund will not be made because of simple change in mind or any personal matters -You must send a confirmation e-mail after the deposit has been made.
[Note] -If only part of your group is buying the ticket, deposit the right amount and send the e-mail Ex) Yang Seungho, Jung Byunghee, Lee Changsun has applied but Yang Seungho, and Jung Byunghee deposited the money
[For people who are on the waiting list for C area of the concert on 22nd!] -if you are on C area waiting list for the concert on 22nd, deposit the money only if you are ok with being the later number of A area. -If there is a cancel ticket in C area, you will be placed according to your waiting list numbers who have deposited the money. -If there is no cancel ticket, all the people who have deposited the money from the C area waiting list will be place the later number of area A (number 283) automatically.

Source: MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe
Translation: bcrystal89 @ Twitter