[EXCLUSIVE] Song Joong Ki 1st Asia Fanmeet in Singapore

May 27, the day Korean heartthrob Song Joong Ki held his 1st Asia Fanmeet in Singapore at Shine Auditorium.

Despite being in Singapore for the third time, Song Joong Ki was surprised by the amount of fans at his arrival and was touched by their warm greeting. He caught the audience off guard when he kick started his fanmeet by coming onstage while singing.
Check out the video of him singing during his entrance:

Throughout the fanmeet, this flower boy managed to communicate in English occasionally. "Nice to meet you. I'm Joong Ki. Thank you." and "I think Singapore is very clean and calm. Singapore's women is very pretty". He also showed his Mandarin skills with 吃饱了 (I have eaten), 好吃 (delicious), 吃饭了吗 (Have you eaten), 我爱你 (I love you) and 再见 (Goodbye).

Little Song Joong Ki had an ambition of being famous. So after entering university, he realised that he really wanted to be an actor. He recalled that he was elated about his very first filming because it was alongside Jo In Sung. Upon revisiting his old works, Song Joong Ki said that he was embarrassed by it and wished he could hide somewhere!

Nonetheless, he enjoys it, especially with those unforgettable and interesting experiences during filming. Song Joong Ki mentioned that there were many of those during Sungkyunkwan Scandal and mostly while filming with co-star Yoo Ah In.

Check out the video of the interview with Song Joongki below:

- Song Joong Ki personally went down to the audience and picked a total of 15 fans for the game sections.
- The first game was to act out one of his famous scene. The winner had the opportunity to take a polaroid with him, while the other 4 took a group polaroid with him.
- The two winners of the second game won an autographed buddy pillow and a polaroid with Song Joong Ki each. The game involved eating a bun and a candy buried in flour without the use of hands and finally, blowing a balloon and bursting it while hugging him.
- He revealed that he was very playful during his childhood years and broke many windows with stones!
- He joked with the audience by saying "Who is Kwang Soo? I don't know that man." but said he is the closest with Kwang Soo, amongst the Running Man cast members. "Kwang Soo is my friend."
- Song Joong Ki wants to try on a vampire role and he recently took it up in the upcoming movie Wolf Boy.
- When asked if he wears insoles, he replied "No, I don't have cushion."
- He has tried chilli and pepper crab and said they were delicious, along with his favourite bakkwa (BBQ pork slices).
- Fans also made a video for Joongki and he was so touched when he watched it.
- There was also a video from the Running Man members to Joongki, with their encouragement for his asia tour.
- Song Joong Ki also sang two other songs during the fanmeet and gave out roses to the audience while singing the last one.

At the end of the fanmeet, every single member of the audience got to high five with him. Fans definitely had an enjoyable and unforgettable evening with Song Joong Ki!

Check out the video of Joongki choosing his fans to play games:

Check out more pictures of the fanmeet below:

dkpopnews would like to thank Boom Korea for inviting us to Song Joongki's fanmeet in Singapore as well.

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