[AUDIO] 2NE1 on Japanese Radio “May’s Asian Wave” (English Translation)!

This time, our guest is the most popular group in Korea, girlgroup 2NE1! They’re popular even in Japan, ofcourse Taiwan, and even in Asia. And at they’re first appearance here, we want to try to ask several things to them. We will also send you a lot of 2NE1 songs, so please enjoy until the end.
*plays I Am the Best*
Welcome our guest for today, girlgroup 2NE1!
2NE1: Whooooo~
Minzy: Please take care of us!
MC: Are you healthy? I went to YG Family Concert in Saitama last January 21st!
CL: How was it?
MC: It was a lot of fun! It was big and powerful, and i was able to meet those number of people, so i felt really great~ I was really thinking that at that moment, 2NE1 was the TOP artist in Asia, because everytime you come out, the crowd goes wild.
2NE1: Thank you haha!

2NE1 talks about CL!
MC: But instead of self introduction, i wanted to hear from the members what kind of person the members are. Ok, how do you guys feel when you see leader CL?
Minzy: She really has charisma. Everyone, even celebrities in Korea praise her.
MC: So~ From what Minzy-ssi said, everyone’s complimenting her?
CL: I’m shy // I’m shy
MC: You look shy in you appearance, are you?
CL: Yes///
MC: Don’t you have something more to reveal?
Bom: She’s very..very good during performances. That’s why when she flies on stage, we give her nicknames like “lion”.
MC: Lion?
Bom: She looks like a lion too!
MC: What are you talking about? Do you mean her hands are a lion’s?
Minzy: Take a look!
Bom: Please take a look!!
CL: My hands are fat!
MC: Ahh is that so?
CL: Yes~ And even my face looks a bit like a lion too…
MC: Really? Are you talking about your wild side?
CL: Yes,right.

2NE1 Talks about Bom!
MC: Then, how do you see Bom?
CL: Bom-chan..What is that something unusual? *interprets* Yes, Bom is a weirdo.
MC: I thought CL was the weird one~ Ok. Who’s the member who eats a lot?
CL: That’s Dara-chan!
MC: O_o Dara-chan eats a lot???
CL: Yes,yes.
Minzy: Dara unnie who doesn’t gain weight.
MC: Even she eats a lot?
CL: I want Dara-chan to gain some weight.
MC: Ah~ I think it’s her physical built. I envy her!
Bom: That’s right.
MC: Going back~ What kind of person is Bom?
Dara: Bom is very good at singing, and she’s attractive. And she has another charm! She’s very funny and she has a lot of jokes, that’s why when i’m with her, there’s no boring moment. She’s that kind of person.
MC: Oh is that so? So when you’re with her, you don’t feel bored?
CL: Yes~
MC: As expected..

Credit: @2ne1lovein
Translated by: ilove2NE1girls@2NE1GLOBAL/WWB