[VIDEO] SHINee Key’s Sketch for “Catch Me If You Can” musical

In addition to Super Junior member Kyuhyun’s sketch, SM Entertainment revealed new sketch featuring SHINee member Key for the musical “Catch Me If You Can”.

Key and Kyuhyun will be alternating the role of Frank Abagnale, Jr, a real-life gifted con artist, who successfully wheedled millions of dollars while pretending to be an airline pilot, a doctor and a prosecutor.

The Korean production of Broadway musical “Catch Me If You Can” boasts an all-stars cast including SHINee’s Key, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, and CSJH’s Dana. Other line ups include musical stars Um Ki Joon, Kim Bum Rae, and Park Kwang Hyun. The musical started playing on March 28 and will continue to play until June 10th.