[VIDEO] Lauren Lunde gives DKPOPNEWS a cute shoutout!

Dear DKPOPNEWS' readers,we received a lot of love from Lauren Lunde as she recorded a cute video to express her love to her MBLAQ appas as well as DKPOPNEWS' readers!

She started by greeting Daily K Pop News,and mentioned her MBLAQ appas' names:

She said,
"This is Joon, i like Joon"!
"This is G.O, Da Young likes G.O"!
"This is Cheon Dung, Leo likes Cheon Dung"!
"This is Mir, i like Mir,Mir is very funny"!
"This is Seungho, I like Seungho"!

"Hello,Hello bye"!

She is such a pretty little girl, thanks to Lauren's dad Mr Andrew for recording this video, Lauren likes to sing and dance, at the same time, she is a huge fan of Pororo!

Lauren showed her talent in singing during the filming of MBLAQ's Hello Baby, her dancing clip of Run has received more than 90K views on Youtube as well.

Check out her cute performance here!

To know more about Lauren Lunde,kindly visit her pages:

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