[VIDEO] IU releases promotional video for ‘Real Fantasy’ concert tour

Earlier this month, IU announced that she will be holding her first solo nationwide tour ‘Real Fantasy’ starting on June 2 and 3 at the Kyunghee University in Seoul. The teen singer will then move onto 5 other cities including Ulsan, Jeonju, Suwon, Busan and Daegu.

On April 17th, IU released a short promotional video for her upcoming concert tour. She sent a video message for her fans, introducing her nationwide tour ‘Real Fantasy.’

IU said, “Hello, I’m IU. I will be having my first solo concert. Yes, my first solo concert ‘Real Fantasy’ will start on June 2 and 3 at Seoul before going to 5 other cities. I'm really happy and looking forward to it too. There’s a diverse repertoire prepared to reveal a side of myself that haven’t been revealed previously on broadcasts. Please look forward to it and be sure to come down to play. Thank you.”

Source: Loen Entertainment
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net