[PICTURE] Shinhwa’s Eric and Lee Min Woo visit Sunny on ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Shinhwa members recently watched the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ to showed their support for their juniors.

On April 18th, Lee Min Woo tweeted via Shinhwa Company official Twitter, “Having been invited by Sunny, Eric and Minwoo watched a musical on our honeylike day off~ It was really interesting and even better than the movie! Kyuhyunnie so cool! Sunny cutie jjang! Soshi-Suju hurray~!!!”

In the attached photo, Shinhwa members Lee Min Woo and Eric took a proof shot with Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, who is currently playing the lead role in the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Sunny plays the role of nurse Brenda Strong, who is Frank Abagnale’s (Kyuhyun and Key) love interest.

Source: Shinhwa Company Twitter
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net