[PICTURE] Mighty Mouth takes a photo with Jessica Alba

Hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth had a one lucky day, running into Hollywood star Jessica Alba.

On April 24th, member Sangchu posted a proof-shot on his Twitter saying, “Mighty Mouth With Jessica Alba!! what a gr8 time! Goddess Alba with double M! having fun.”

In the photo, the Hollywood actress is seen clinging into Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and Shorry J. The hip hop duo wear big smiles toward the camera, unable to hide their happiness in a very memorable moment.

Jessica Alba was also seen at a club in Gangnam district last Saturday night (April 21) with her husband Cash Warren. They are currently in Korea for a family vacation after their visit to Japan last week.

Source: Sangchu’s Twitter
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net