[PICTURE] Go So Young is a femme fatale for Harper’s BAZAAR

Actress Go So Young recently headed to Milan, Italy for a photo shoot for the fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR.

In the photo shoot, Go So Young showed off perfect bodyline and mass appeal. She had the perfect fashion sense just like the known fashionista that she is.

The actress gave off a mysterious and voluptuous atmosphere with Italian luxury brand ‘Valextra’ bags and graceful pink dress on the front page of the cover.

A staff from the photo shoot mentioned, “The schedule in Milan was quite tight but Go So Young didn’t show signs of exhaustion and proved why she was called Go So Young.”

The photos of Go So Young’s recent shoot in Milan can be found in the May issue of BAZAAR.

Source: hancinema
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net