[PHOTOS] Haha, Sandeul's selca 'Uncle and nephew?'

Singer HaHa recently uploaded a photo with B1A4 Sandeul.

On the 3rd, Haha updated his twitter and wrote "Thank you Sandeul! you're so cute, sexy and very good at singing~!" and uploaded the photos of them above.

In the picture, we can see Haha, who came back as a singer, Tao and one of B1A4 member, Sandeul. Both Tao and Haha looks so proud of their brother. Sandeul acts cute as he comes from idol group and as the maknae here.

Haha and Tao have returned as a singer with new deeper song. and with Sandeul featuring in the stage makes gain more attention.

Those who saw Haha and Sandeul commented, "They look like uncle and nephew", "both of them are Cute, Haroro is here", "B1A4, Haha&Tao are so touched. I enjoyed watching their stage" and many more.

Meanwhile, Haha&Tao are promoting 'The Person By My Side' while B1A4's promoting 'Baby I'm Sorry'

Article Credits: TVDAILY + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM