[NEWS] What Happened to Hyunseung’s Twitter Account?

Yesterday B2UTIES were shocked by the sudden loss of Hyunseung’s twitter, apparently he just deactivated his account ㅠㅠ For those who had been watching the timeline, Hyunseung said “bye” as his last tweet and then about a minute later, his account is already gone.
According to some Thai B2uties, BEAST was happily playing bowling in a department store in Thailand around that time, except for Hyunseung & Dongwoon who stayed at the hotel. Hyunseung updated his last tweet via web. Now the question is, did he login via website (which he NEVER did before) on purpose to deactivate his twitter? or it was just an irresponsible hacker’s act? Many rumors have been circulating about this issue and we haven’t been able to confirm any of them as for now. 
Stay tuned for more information about this issue.

Image Courtesy of HKAIzi@weiboSource: mamalumimin@alwaysbeast.net