[NEWS] TVXQ Yunho’s fans set up a library in China

Fans of group TVXQ’s member Uknow Yunho set up a “Yunho Library” in China, becoming a topic of discussion.

A post was recently uploaded on an online community with the title “Have you ever seen such a birthday present?” After much preparation, the library set up by Yunho’s fans was finally opened on March 24.

The fans explained their reasons for wanting to set up this library, “Jung Yunho is a kind, warm, passionate and honest young man, and is our idol whom we have a lot of respect for. We have been touched by his actions many times, and he has influenced us greatly.”

The library is set up on the second level of the Qing Yan Elementary School. The library provides the students with reading materials, book shelves, tables, and other educational materials. In particular, a sign saying “Yunho Library” was handed over to the principals and teachers. There were a total of 1688 books donated, filling up 43 pages of a contents log.

Although the library is small, it is notable how there is a wide variety of books available. Every book is stamped with a stamp which reads “Yunho Library”, along with an image of a raised thumb. Seeing this, netizens expressed, “Yunho fans are really admirable, the library is impressive” and “Yunho must be happy to have such great fans”, among other responses.

Source : BaiduTVXQ + TV Report via Nate
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net