[NEWS] The transformation of IU from 2008 to present

IU has come a long way since she debuted as a fresh young solo singer in 2008 and on online community sites a photo of IU's transformation from her debut in 2008 to present was shown. A set of photo's of IU over the years was shared with the title, "IU looking youthful over the years, How does she do it?".

The very first photo (Upper left) was from her debut in 2008 and the photo's progressed to the most recent this 2012. Through the years IU maintains her milky white skin and angelic complexion even with bare face and also her youthfulness is still the same until now. Despite looking a tad bit more mature now than before, she still look's the same and did not age one bit. Netizes commented, "She's such a cute kid when she debuted, shes more mature now", "She looks a bit tanned in her debut photo", "She can pull off any style".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net