[NEWS] Tony An considers retirement

Former H.O.T member Tony An has made a shocking confession that he is considering retiring from the music scene.

Tony An, who has been busy promoting with Tony An & SMASH, was recently guest-featured on KBS’ ‘Do Dream’ where he honestly shared his current dilemma.

The singer revealed, “Before releasing the record, the public seemed really interested in the project group. There were many articles written about it and became a heavily searched term online, but after releasing the track, it seems that there isn't very much support.”

“I seriously started to think that maybe the public doesn’t want me anymore, and that maybe it’s time for me to retire as a singer”, he added.

The full episode of Tony Ahn’s debate about retirement will be unveiled on April 7.

Source: Naver
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net