[News] Taemin Apologizes for Being “Too Pretty”

SHINee’s Taemin made a playful apology for being “too pretty” during the latest episode of SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment.”

SHINee appeared on the show during a segment that talked about male celebrities with long hair. Taemin was picked as one of the prettiest male celebrities with long hair, and he was asked what kind of difficulties he has faced for his new hairstyle.

“I went to the men’s bathroom, but people looked at me in confusion. So in order to make sure they understand I’m a guy, I had to keep pretending like I was clearing my throat,” Taemin said.

Jonghyun, who was next to Taemin, added, “Since Taemin grew out his hair and ‘flaunted’ his beauty, I heard girl group members have been very cautious of him. Even girl groups are jealous of his pretty hair.”

The MC went on to ask about the “hate” comment veteran singer Patty Kim kiddingly made about him. “She really did tell me, ‘I hate you so much.’ So I asked her why, and she said, ‘It’s because you’re just too pretty.’”

Taemin continued, “I don’t know what to say. I’m just born like this…I’m sorry for being born so pretty.”

Check out the video of his cut here:

article by: thunderstix @ soompi
Video credit: jujutaem