[NEWS] Sungha Jung and Megan Lee wish to work with YG Family!

In town to perform as the opening act for the Men’s Fashion Week 2012 (MFW 2012), the two young Korean artistes talk about their love for YG Entertainment

They may seem as different as chalk and cheese, but Korean-American singer Megan Lee and Korean self-taught guitarist Sungha Junghave more than just their love for music in common.

For one, both shot to fame after their videos on video-sharing platform YouTube went viral.

Megan and Sungha were the opening acts for the MFW 2012 yesterday, performing three covers, which included Adele's Someone Like You and Korean singer Narsha's I'm In Love.

The duo also shared common interests in their favourite singers -- all of whom are from Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment -- which should not come as a surprise.

Sungha had made guitar covers of Big Bang's hits and shared them on YouTube, while Megan had won a 2NE1 'Lonely' cover contestheld by YG Entertainment last year.

Speaking in separate interviews, Sungha let on that if there were any singers or groups which he would most love to collaborate with, it was definitely Big Bang.

"I like them because they write their own music, and they have very different colours (personalities). I recently recorded a rearrangement of their latest song 'Blue'," the 16-year-old answered in fluent English.

Megan selected Big Bang's labelmates 2NE1 as the group she would like to work with in future.

Reminiscing her first meeting with the four-member group in Korea, after she won the cover contest, the 17-year-old gushed, "It was overwhelming, and crazy. They're super sweet. I almost died. I was shaking and didn't know what to say. I had rehearsed my lines, but completely forgot when I finally met them. I love 2NE1!"

"She was in the elevator with T.O.P (from Big Bang) at YG Entertainment, and she couldn't breathe," Megan's mother quipped beside her daughter.

We quizzed the pair if they had met solo singer SE7EN -- also a performer at the MFW 2012 -- from YG Entertainment.

"No," both Megan and Sungha answered, adding that it would be great if they could meet him.

Megan said excitedly, "I'm going to try to talk to him and not die."

Later that night, both Megan and Sungha met SE7EN at the after party and shared photos of them with the singer on Twitter.

Source: XINMSN.com