[NEWS] Sub Units are Changing the Music Industry!

Sub units in idol group activities is a growing craze. In the K-Pop industry the rising concept being used within groups is having some members form a sub unit. This allows companies to maintain and revitalize a group.
When After School debuted their sub unit Orange Caramel the feedback was overwhelming positive. Now bigger idol groups like ‘Girls Generation’ are also debuting their own sub units which shows this craze in the music industry is growing even more.
In current idol group the average number of members may include five or more people. With so many members in a group it is sometimes hard to show off individual charms or tough to showcase different musical styles.
Luckily, there is now an alternative. With a sub unit the group is smaller and the members are are a better advantage with the ability to show a more diverse face to the public and show off a different charm on stage. Members who were once overshadowed or unable to express themselves are now promoted and their skills are revealed.
Popular sub-units that have recently debuted with good results include Orange Caramel, Top & GD, Sistar19 and Trouble Maker. Sub Units may also include the most popular members of a group which works as an advantage because their popularity will bring more attention to their group as a whole. In the past year sub units have taken in record profits and have had various economic benefits for the members and their respective company’s. Because of this many companies who never debuted a sub unit are no longer overlooking this concept and have started to take part. If the popularity of sub units continue it is expected to continue positively affecting the current flow of K-pop group promotions.

Article: Hankooki
 Trans by: AfterSchoolDaze