[NEWS] Sooyoung: Let’s go out and vote!!

Girls' Generation member Sooyoung conveyed a message to voters to encourage them to vote in the coming National Assembly Election which will be taking place on April 11th.
Sooyoung who went on MBC Radio’s ‘Son SukHee’s Spotlight’ aired on April 10th, encouraged voters to exercise their rights as she too, will be going out to vote on the election day tomorrow. Sooyoung said, “My father has been telling me that I must vote. Thus, I’ll be going with my family to cast my vote”.
Along with host Son SukHee and a professor from SungShin Women’s University, Sooyoung announced the polling sessions as well as other voting details to the voters through the radio programme.
Although Sooyoung who was born on February 10th, 1990 had cast her vote at the 2010 Local Election, this will be her first time voting at the General Election. Besides Sooyoung, come April 11th, among other stars who will be marking their ballot papers for the first time are maknae Seohyun, SHINee’s Key and MinHo, Beast’s Son DongWoon, miss A’s Min, Infinite’s SungYeol and L, etc.
As there are many stars who will not be having special schedules on the election day, there is a growing interest on how many stars actually turn up to cast their votes at the National Assembly Election this time.

Credit: moneytoday.co.kr/Sports Korea + fanwonder.com