[NEWS] SISTAR’s Bora is hotter than Megan Fox?

SISTAR’s Bora emulated Megan Fox of ‘Transformers’ in the sizzling hot advertisement for Hyundai’s “Veloster Turbo.”

On April 20th, Hyundai released new advertisement shots featuring Bora. The charismatic rapper is shown wearing short pants, showcasing her honey thighs and sexy charms. She leans over the front of a yellow Veloster Turbo, in reminiscent of a scene with Megan Fox in the film ‘Transformers.’

Netizens who saw the ad have commented, “She’s much sexier than Megan Fox!”, “I wanna become that car”, “Only Bora! She’s a true beauty”

A representative of Hyundai Motor Company stated, “SISTAR’s Bora is both sexy and easy going. She also has the charms and eyes of a female warrior. Throughout the photoshoot, she captivated the male staff members with her charms.”

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net