[NEWS] Sandara Park, "G-Dragon Has A Prince Charming Syndrome" Supports

Sandara Park supported the topic of G-Dragon having a "prince charming syndrome."

On the broadcast of SBS "Strong Heart" for its second episode of "YG Special," on the evening of the third, the topic "G-Dragon's prince charming syndrome," was opened by 2NE1 member, Gong Minzy. Sandara Park also revealed an event that supported this.

Sandara Park said, "In an interview I made in the past, I was asked about G-Dragon⊤(T/N: I think this was during the GD⊤promotions. Remember that after Dara's interview, it showed GD⊤'s interview also), and I said that G-Dragon was my ideal because of that time when G-Dragon carried my snowboard for me, which left an impression," she said.

Sandara Park continued, "After that, G-Dragon approached me and said, 'Why did you say that in a broadcast, you should have told me in person,'" she said, "He was teasing me," she explained further.

G-Dragon replied, "It's a habit," which caused a lot of laughter.


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Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara