[NEWS] “The Rooftop Prince” The trio talks down to Yoochun

Do Chi-san (Choi Woo-sik) and Song Man-bo (Lee Min-ho-I) completely adjusted to modern society and learned how to speak down to Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun).

On the sixth episode of SBS drama “The Rooftop Prince“, aired on the 5th of April, Lee Gak, Song Man-bo, Do Chi-san and Woo Yong-sul (Jeong Seok-won) entered the Home & Shopping company as new recruits.

Director Pyo Taek-soo (Lee Moon-sik) had dinner and drinks with them. Bang Soo-bong (Kim Dae-hee) joined them later and suggested they play a game. They didn’t know what game it was, but once they learned, they were on a roll.

Song Man-bo and Do Chi-san’s jokes with Lee Gak continued. Do Chi-san pointed out “You’re smiling at me?” and Song Man-bo made a vegetable wrap and said, “Stop it, he’s getting angry. Are you angry? Eat this, there you go like a good boy”.

Not being able to play the game, Woo Yong-sul ran outside but came back in a bit and stammered, “You’re so young and you have great parents…”

When the game was over, Lee Gak got angry at them for what they said and the three of them begged for mercy.

Source & Photo: Nate, Hancinema