[NEWS] Pledis Entertainment to debut 17-member boy group

Pledis Entertainment, the label that houses to After School and Son Dambi, has announced that they will be debuting a new idol group this year. After already debuted their new male group, N'UEST and currently gearing up for the debut of girl group Hello Venus, Pledis is set to debut a grand 17-member male idol group.

According to Pledis Entertainment on April 26th, the group, tentatively named as ‘Seventeen’ will be made up of 17 members averaging 17 years old. The group will not only lead activities in South Korea, but also prepared to focus on activities across Asia right at the start of their debut.

After their debut as a group, the boys will be split into units to promote separately in Korea, China, and Japan with promotional tactics tailored to each country.

Source: Star News