[NEWS] NU’EST Baekho receives exclusive support from UEE

Rookie group NU’EST member Baekho is currently creating quite a buzz with his relationship with senior labelmate After School member UEE.

Baekho recently posted on his me2day, “The Baekho (white tiger) jacket picked for me by Uee noona! The jacket is designed by Park Yoom Soo, one of the top designers in Korea. Always so supportive Uee noona who even chooses our costumes! And I really like this jacket. Tthe white tiger looks cool!”

A source from NU’EST’s agency stated, “After watching the performance of NU’EST, UEE herself recommends Baekho wear her outfit that she got for present, and she lent it to him. She said the outfit would perfectly match him considering his name, performances and others.”

Source: TV Report
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net